Ryder Cup – a Storied Event between U.S. and European Players

Ryder Cup pic

Ryder Cup
Image: rydercup.com

Hollis Cavner engages with Pro Links Sports (PLS) as CEO and organizes corporate golf events as well as PGA tournaments. In the corporate hospitality sphere, Hollis Cavner and his team coordinate all aspects of event packages that include PGA Tour and LPGA Tour stops, as well as PGA Tour Champions events and the majors.

PLS also arranges memorable outings that take in the Ryder Cup, which stands as one of the most distinguished golf tournaments worldwide. Established in 1927, the original Ryder Cup was held in the UK and was predated by a pair of matches between US and British professionals that created an interest in transatlantic competition. The second such event was held in Wentworth and attended by the entrepreneur Samuel Ryder, who was so enthralled by the match that he donated the iconic gold cup prize.

For the first half century, Ryder Cup matches were limited to the United States versus Great Britain and Ireland, with stateside golfers capturing 18 victories in the initial 22 meetings. This changed with the inclusion of the Europeans in 1979, and since that time the US has earned victory in eight head-to-head matches and Europe has won seven, with one tie rounding out the total.

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